Saturday, October 10, 2009

Breast Cancer Prevention?

Is one of your body’s natural hormones putting you at risk? Researchers confirm that unbalanced estrogen metabolism can be linked to breast, reproductive, and other forms of cancer. The EstrogenaTest was created to evaluate your estrogen metabolism by showing what your estrogen pathways are doing and what steps to take to support beneficial estrogen metabolism.

If your EstrogenaTest indicates that you need support in the specific areas tested, you will be shipped a 30-day supply of EstrogenaCaps along with your test results, and your originating credit card will be charged. No products will be shipped with test results indicating no need for additional support.

How does your body metabolize estrogen?
How your body metabolizes estrogen can determine important risk factors. The two main pathways of estrogen metabolism are the 2-hydroxyestrone (“good estrogen”) pathway and the 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone (“bad estrogen”) pathway (16a for short).
Find out if you’re at risk.

Research shows that the ratio between these two pathways is vitally important, since an unbalanced level of the 16a estrogen has been implicated as an increased risk factor for certain types of cell growth abnormalities.

Take the EstrogenaTest® to learn more.
The EstrogenaTest was created to measure your 2/16a ratio. If your test results reveal that your 16a-hydroxyestrone level is higher than it should be, we may recommend EstrogenaCaps® to help support healthy estrogen metabolism with a combination of natural ingredients and Brassica family compounds which can help promote a more favorable 2/16a ratio.

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